Hello, family, friends, and random readers from the blog-o-sphere! 4 months in, and I just realized that WordPress defaulted an About page that was linked at the top of my blog that I had never filled out!

So, here is a bit more about me (although you’ll learn SO much more from simply browsing through my blog…)

My name is Ashlee, and I’m 26 years old. I live in north Georgia with the love of my life, Alex, and our kitty-child, Maverick. We have officially been together for just about 4 years now, but he has been my best friend for about 6. He is my best friend, my partner, my biggest supporter, and an all around amazing person. I feel so blessed to have found him, and have him as a part of my life.

I am an executive recruiter by day, and a crazy/crafty/cooking goddess by night.

I am also fat.

And that is where this blog comes in. 2012 is my year to take back my life. My year to change the terrible habits that have been developing for the last 20 years, and to start living how I want to live! When I started this journey back in January, I weight 275lbs. I am steadily losing, and although never in crazy amounts, the scale has stayed in the right direction.

This is not just another weight loss blog. This is no crash diet, no crazy workout instructions. This is about changing my life, feeding for fuel, not flavor (although I do not often sacrifice flavor to do so…), getting off the couch, and having some fun along the way.

I will not tell you the secret to losing weight, I don’t know it.

What this blog will do is share my experiences with you (the good, the bad, and the ugly. I will post recipes so you can try them out, too. I will bitch about Jillian Michaels because hey, let’s face it- that woman is evil.

I will tell you about my laughs, but I will also share my cries.

If I learn something new…hey, I’ll share that, too!

To find out more about where I’m coming from, where I hope to go, or the other lifestyle changes I’m working on this year, visit some of those other tabs!

And thanks for stopping by! Cheers!


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