Whirlwind (kind of) beach weekend

The last 7 days of my life have been busier than I can remember being for a long time, and to be honest, that is saying something. This past weekend I went on a whirlwind weekend trip to St. Simon’s Island, GA for a beach weekend. A wedding beach weekend. And I’ll be honest, I stuck to my eating plan fairly well, but the wedding was off limits. I enjoyed the food without guilt, and I drank for the first time in close to 3 years (ironically, at the last St. Simon’s wedding…)

For those of you not from Georgia (and those who are, but who have been unfortunate enough not to discover St. Simon’s Island), SSI is one of Georgia’s “Golden Isles” (categorized along with Jekyll Island, Sea Island, and a privately owned “Little St. Simon’s Island.”) It is off the coast of Georgia outside of Brunswick just over the F. J Torras Causeway.

I love everything about this island. I’ve been several times for various events, vacations, and weddings, and I absolutely love going there. It is one of the few vacation spots that I’ve been where everytime I go, I feel like I have come home rather than gone away.

The island is small and easy to navigate, and there are lovely views, sites, shops, and, of course, restaurants. This past weekend I carpooled down with 4 other sorority sisters and had the pleasure of staying at the St. Simon’s Inn by the Lighthouse, which is a quaint little hotel just across the street from one of the Island’s main focal-points, the lighthouse.

It was the first time I’ve stayed on the main part of the island, right in the heart of things, and it was perfect! We were a stone’s throw away from the walking path along the beach, the pier, the shops and center of town, and of course, beautiful ocean views.

When we first arrived on the island and unpacked, we headed up to the village to hit up The 4th of May Cafe for lunch (aptly named because the three best friends who opened it shared the same birthday, May 4th) and I had the singularly most delicious grilled chicken salad I have ever had. I know that sounds insane, to rave over the flavors of a salad- but seriously. Their “Southwest Chicken Salad” included a bed of crisp romaine, a black bean and corn salsa (almost more like a pico de gallo w/ corn and beans,) tomato, cucumbers, and the juiciest, most flavorful grilled chicken I have ever eaten. Chunks of charred flavoring just coated the salad from the delicious and mildly spicy marinade on the chicken. It was topped off with some crispy tortilla strips, a pinch of cheese, and some ranch dressing on the side. Y-U-M.

After that we searched high and low for a shrug that fit me and wasn’t “Island priced” (things on the Island all appear in little boutiques and shops, and are definitely priced for its more affluent community…) and finally settled on a lightweight, light brown shrug from Roberta’s.

Finally, it was time for the wedding. Anna and her wonderful husband Brandon got married just behind the St. Simon’s lighthouse, using it as the perfect, most beautiful backdrop for their nuptuals. Anna was, of course, a most stunning bride, and they were so kind to include us in this most special of days.

After the ceremony we enjoyed cocktail hour just off the beach, behind the lighthouse, followed by a beautiful reception where I caught the bouquet for a second St. Simon’s wedding in a row. (Told you, there’s just something AWESOME about this place!)

The rest of the evening is a bit of a blur, but I’ll leave you with a few pictures (some incriminating, some just beautiful…)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mamacormier
    May 16, 2012 @ 17:12:02

    I’m glad you were able to enjoy the day. I think that a wedding is the best reason for a little indulgence.


  2. 365 days of marriage
    Jun 23, 2012 @ 22:21:16

    Where have you been my dear?? I’ve been pretty busy and not looking at my subscriptions and it’s slowed a little and I realized you hadn’t blogged in a while! Hope everything is ok! 🙂


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