Not just a weight loss blog

I know that most of my posts are focused on the weight loss aspect of this journey, but that’s not what the entire transformation is about. This is about repairing the damages in my life, regardless of whether or not they have a real affect on my declining waistline or not. A lot of things that I have been working on lately are directly relative to these other non-weight loss goals. The crafting, the cleaning, the organizing.

Now, I can add “the mending” to that list.

Yesterday I met with a friend that I have not seen or spoken to in almost 2 years. We parted ways when she broke up with a mutual friend, but it wasn’t because I chose sides. I’m not even sure what happened. She gave me space to be there and comfort my friend, and we never really closed the gap back up.

She’s reached out to me a couple of times throughout this hiatus, and I’ve always brushed it off, “too busy” to even go out for a simple dinner.

We finally talked about everything via phone, Facebook, and text messages over the last few weeks, and it culminated in a scrumptuous Mexican meal last night at a mall that sits half way between both of our homes. We’ve missed some milestones along the way (she’s married, has a new daughter…I’ve moved into my first house, started a new career) but last night, none of it mattered. It was all about looking forward to the future, each of us with the other back in her life as a support, as a friend.

I can’t explain the lightness in my heart today. It felt so good to get back onto good terms with this old friend, and after a few initial catch-up subjects, it was as if no time had passed at all.

While I’m not about to go crusading around the country to rekindle all of the friendships that have come and go over the course of my 26+ years, but I have an overwhelming sense of calm relief to be back on good, current terms with this particular friend. I think that reprioritizing some aspects of my life, and making room for more people that will perpetuate and support the positive changes I am making can only be a good thing.

How about you? Do you have an old friend you don’t talk to anymore? Can you even remember why? I couldn’t, and I felt so silly about it when I realized! Here’s to new (old) friendships, and continuing to work toward positive change!



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