I found my measuring tape!

At the beginning of this adventure Alex bought me a cute little pink measuring tape to record my progress along the way. After taking my initial measurements (well, after 1 month of detoxing, but no exercising) on January 31, 2012, my little pink measuring tape was lost.

Today, I went on a hunt for my measuring tape and finally got some updated numbers!

All losses are reflective of my previous measurements on 1/31/2012:

Neck: -1″
Bust: -5″
Arms: Left: 0″/Right: 1″ (fine by me since my right arm was 1.5″ bigger than my left to start with!
Waist: -2″
Hips: -2.4″
Thighs: Left -2″/Right: -1.5″

For a grand total of 14.9″ lost! This is probably more exciting to me than seeing the scale continue dropping! Thanks again, everyone, for sticking with me through this roller coaster!



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