A surprisingly good workout!

So since I am scared and frightened and refuse to return to Jillian just yet, Alex and I have started walking. The route we take around the neighborhood is just over a mile (right around 1.2) and we do it in about 20-30 minutes, depending on several factors. We take a fairly brisk pace which, coupled with the unseasonably HOT Georgia weather, has left me feeling pretty well exercised after a relatively short and easy work out. The temperature climbed even higher today, and hit the high 80s today.

That being said, I knew the importance of continuing the momentum that we got with our walks last week (we took the weekend off) but I could not fathom the thought of walking in that direct heat and sunlight. Since my parents have a relatively unused treadmill, I decided to give it a go. Let me say, this was my first time on a treadmill since my freshman year of college, and WOW- what a surprisingly good workout. Walking on the treadmill eliminated the slowing of pace that naturally happens walking around the neighborhood. When we walk outside, we have to slow in places with no sidewalk and areas where the side of the road slopes dangerously into a ditch, and there are two areas where we have to wait for traffic lights to cross a fairly busy street, which definitely gives time for rest.

When I got on the treadmill I was able to adjust my incline to make it a bit more challenging, and maintained a steady 3.2-3.5 mph throughout the walk. I immediately felt that I was actually working my body, and even pumped the speed up to 4 for a jog during my last 1/4 mile. I still only did 1 mile, but I did it in under 20 minutes, and felt my body working throughout the entire workout. Afterward I walked slowly and cooled down for another 10 minutes. I felt so good afterwards, I think the treadmill is exactly what I need right now. I still plan on returning to my own personal Hell the 30 Day Shred soon, but for now I want to work myself up to more miles, and more jogging.

I can’t explain how good I am feeling since I have been working out! I knew how important it was from the beginning, but I am glad that I made the decision to just work my way up slowly rather than continuing to jump in too deep and end up scared and sedentary for several weeks.


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