To be or not to be…organic

I’ll be honest, I’ve never really gotten into the whole organic food madness. Of course, I enjoy shopping at the local farmer’s market way more than any grocery store, but I don’t often make the extra effort to do so. As I’ve been slowly changing the foods that I eat to incorporate more fresh vegetables and fruits, it’s something that I have begun looking into, but I still didn’t really have a whole lot of buy-in for the movement. My veggies taste fine.

Then I saw this YouTube video, where a young girl (elementary school) does an experiment with some sweet potatoes, to see how long it takes a sweet potato to start growing vines. I won’t tell you the story, I’ll let her tell you:

After that, I got to thinking. I got to researching, looking up more videos, articles, and the differences in eating organic really are astounding. But where does that leave individuals like myself, individuals on a budget? I’ve already had to combat Alex’s rapidly developing mental-heart condition over the price of veggies from the produce aisle instead of the canned food or frozen aisle, how do I add the extra cost of organic to that?

Thank fully my search led me to another video that really helps people on a budget determine what must be organic, and what is okay to eat from the regular produce department. And I’m glad I did…check out what the last item of this list is! Something I’ve been eating raw daily in my salad, and cooked every night with my dinner!

Is organic the only way? I hope not. I know there are a lot of people out there working very hard to get healthy and stay fit, and a lot of them in my boat (affectionately referred to as the poor boat) who just won’t be able to make the shift to organic produce. But along with my mantra this whole time, it’s not about reshaping my entire universe in one day. It’s about slowly making lasting changes to achieve an overall more healthy lifestyle. If that means I have to wait until my home-grown spinach crops come in to eat organic, then I guess the regular stuff is better than McDonald’s for now!

Do any of you have experience with the differences between organic and non-organic produce that you can share?


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  1. katyarich
    Jan 18, 2012 @ 22:27:06

    I’ve got the same opinion about eating organic food, and I’m trying my best, we grow some vegetables at home so we are able to care a little about what are we eating, but even than it’s not enough.


    • ashlee2012
      Jan 19, 2012 @ 12:24:59

      Alex and I plan on starting a garden as well. Still looking into what all works down here in Georgia, and picking up some seeds hopefully this weekend. I think a lot of the things I want to grow need to germinate indoors for a while before being transplanted outside, so I definitely want to get those going!


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