Taco Burgers

Yes, taco burgers! I know they sound far from nutritious, and believe me, when Alex suggested it, nobody was more surprised than I was when I plugged the ingredients into my custom recipe maker at My Fitness Pal. Proof positive that delicious, flavorful savory foods do NOT have to be loaded with bad stuff! Just wait until you see the numbers!

Taco Burgers (for 2)

1/2 lb of 93% lean ground beef

2 thin slices of queso fresco (is a Mexican crumbling cheese found at most grocery stores)

1 tablespoon of taco seasoning

Regular hamburger buns

Salsa, sour cream, lettuce, tomato, onion etc. depending upon your tastes.

This one is super simple: mix the taco seasoning in with the ground beef, until thoroughly incorporated. Form two patties, and cook with a pad of butter over medium high heat in a skillet or frying pan*. *Do not squeeze or press on the burgers during cooking. You should never do this because you’ll lose all the juicy flavor goodness, but especially with such a lean meat, it can make for dry, tough burgers!

Once burgers are cooked through, add one slice of cheese per burger, add an ice cube to the pan, cover and let steam, about 1-2 minutes.

Once the cheese is melted, add your favorite toppings! Alex ate his plain, but I added a slice of tomato, a couple of romaine lettuce leaves, 1 teaspoon of medium salsa, and 1 teaspoon of regular sour cream. I spread the sour cream on the top bun like mayo, but just spooned the salsa on top of the cheese.

It was one of the juiciest, most flavorful cheeseburgers I have ever had!

Now, for the calorie count (are you sitting down?)

434 calories, 20g carbs, 22g fat (which could be cut down a little bit more with a fat free or low fat sour cream), and 39 grams of protein!

I coupled my burger with about 1 small potato’s worth of homemade fries, par-cooked in the microwave and then baked for about 10 minutes, and a heaping pile of spinach and portabello mushrooms. The whole meal came in just under 600 calories- definitely a winner in my book!


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