Food for thought

My journey is five days old today, and although short and still on the forefront of the trip, I am pleased so far with my persistence. I realize my welcome post was a little bit vague, so over the next few days I’m going to expand upon my ultimate goals. The all encompassing point to the journey I am taking in 2012 is to adopt an overall healthier lifestyle. I believe that since I am finally in a place personally and professionally when I am doing the things that I love, and I feel that it is only fair to this new-found happiness and zest for life that I be able to enjoy it as fully as possible, as long as possible.

The idea of a healthier life involves many things. Getting active and staying active, for one. I love the outdoors, all times of year. I love the sweet smell of blossoming trees, the steamy heat of a summer by the pool, the vivid colors of fall all around, and the crisp smell of cold in the air in winter. I have been fortunate enough to see a lot of the world, but there is a lot more left to explore. I love the mountains, the ocean and the feel of sand between my toes. Some of my favorite hobbies (swimming, letterboxing, gardening…) all include time spent out doors; walking, hiking, climbing, splashing, and all are things that I don’t allow myself to do as often as I should. This is part laziness, part embarrassment.

Let’s face it, it’s easier to just sit at the computer and play around on Pinterest or Facebook. It’s easier to watch reality tv or play a video game. And those things aren’t bad. But they’re not all there is to life. I owe it to myself to do the things that I truly enjoy, and that starts with getting active. No longer being content to just sit. The second part, the embarrassment, that’s where we come into the main goal in this 2012 journey. Despite loving these activities, despite loving the outdoors, and despite the fun that those things hold, I am embarrassed. Embarrassed about how I look in my super-cute bathing suit that had to be bought in the plus-size section. Embarrassed about how much I sweat May-September if I’m outside for more than 10 minutes at a time. Embarrassed about the shortness of breath after the shortest of hikes.

For so many years I have reacted to all of life’s ups and downs with one big emotional buffet. Rough day at school? Let’s see how many cookies I can eat before mom and dad get home. Aced the test? Let’s celebrate at Applebee’s. That boy I’m crushing on likes the skinny girl? Let’s have a doughnut (or 4….) New job? Cheesecake Factory, of course! I have allowed every happiness, every sadness, every joy and pain stack up pound after pound after pound. After 26 years of this abuse, I’m weighing in at pre-Diabetic, morbidly obese with a raging case of PCOS.

It’s time for change. It’s time to stop. It’s time to reclaim a healthy body to accompany my freer spirit and healthier mind. Money can’t buy happiness, and skinny doesn’t fix 26 years of abusing food. This isn’t about getting skinny, this is about getting healthy. Being able to go for a walk, or a run, or a jog without dying. Being able to wear the clothes I love, and do the things I enjoy. And making sure that I’m going to be around to see 36, 46, 106…

If you’re on this journey with me, I plan on sharing not only my progress, but my roadblocks, my speed bumps, my successes and failures. My workouts, my recipes, my ease and my struggles. I plan on cataloging every minute of this paradigm shift as I slowly heal the strain on my body, addiction to a lack of moderation, and shed all 128 pounds standing between me and a healthy weight.


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